Retirees at Honolulu RAFA

Karen Baga, President  

The Honolulu Mayor's 9/11 2016 Remembrance Walk!
September 11, 2016 Walk Observed 15th Year Since Attack on America

RAFA & AFA (Future RAFA!)  members at the Walk

Edmay Apana, her husband and Carol Schmus were there!

Honolulu RAFA "CPR" Meeting July 25, 2016
Photos by Yoko Hiltbrand

It was a very nice day. A few people brought spouses and there were 4 HNL Firemen there to 
conduct the class. 

Their mannequins are more sophisticated than the ones we had at RET as they actually have a light on them to indicate if you are pressing hard enough - and we were all surprised at how much pressure is needed to do effective CPR. 

We purchased small first aid kits for everyone as we thought that tied in with the emergency procedures theme. 

The firemen stayed to enjoy lunch with us afterwards. 

We really dodged a bullet on this one as tropical storm Darby bore down on us over the weekend and we were concerned about power outages and flooding - not to mention that the firemen might have more pressing duties than conducting a CPR/AED class.

Honolulu RAFA Meeting March 16, 2016

Bunny Peeps by Dory Baga

Honolulu RAFA Meeting October 28, 2015

25 RAFA members attended an excellent informational session

on Medicare and Social Security presented by HNLRAFA member Richard Storaasli

Photos by Dory Baga


Carol and Baga with Richard                           Marilyn & Sheri

Yes, there was food!  


On Thursday, September 10, 2015... 


HNLAFA held a meeting at Honolulu International Airport for the newest retirees, the Flight Attendants who took advantage of the recent early out program. The meeting invitation was extended to "old timers" as well-members of HNLRAFA. Approximately 30 people were in attendance as HNLRAFA member Richard Storaasli presented a very informative slide show on Medicare and Social Security. Richard is a volunteer for AARP so the slide show and accompanying handouts were produced by AARP. 

Following Richard's presentation, Dee Myers, AFA member, provided information on the PBGC pension plan, and it's options and she also put in a plug for RAFA membership, telling people what an excellent resource RAFA is for retirees. As a result, we have already picked up a few new members. Needless to say, HNLRAFA appreciates the support we have gotten from our local AFA council and the opportunity to work together on issues that concern all of us, active or retired.



Honolulu RAFA at the Pali Golf Course!
February 24, 2015

Back row: Ellen Dihel, Carol Schmus (temp Pres), Allen Shimokawa (communications), 
 Cary Ono, Mie Matsui, Peter Ahlo
Front row: Karen Baga (temp VP) , Keiko Tanaka, Margaret Floyd, Akiko Munro

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