A strong voice of advocacy for retired Flight Attendants

RAFA members are United Airlines flight attendant retirees from

almost every state in the USand a few international locations.

There are 3 types of membership in RAFA. Choose the one that is right for you.

 1.  RAFA SFO   Current and Past members of the SFO council.  Due to reorganization,

  RAFA SFO is the only active council that currently has member meetings and activities.  

Please note: **On June 11, 2020 Membership Renewal Invoices were sent directly to all current and

former members of RAFA SFO.  Please make sure to read the June 7 letter from RAFA SFO President

Marian Bruns so you will have the latest information on the status of current RAFA councils  

 2.  RAFA Members at Large  If you are a former RAFA member from a council that has

  now closed you are welcome to join RAFA as a Member at Large, with no council affiliation,

  but ALL of the benefits of membership, including  RAFA Email News.

 3.  Associate Members  are people such as spouses or family members of UA flight attendant           retirees, other UAL department employees,  labor affiliates or friends who wish to receive

  RAFA Email News.   Click on the Tab on the left to display the Associate Membership application.  


Visit the SFO RAFA Council page to see the Feb 2020 CPR luncheon.

The last? Pass Travel UPDATE September 4, 2019

Tips for Prague, Dresden & Mexico, must get NZeTA visa for travel to NZ,  

buying ZEDs, get REAL-IDs, do NOT sell Pass Travel, no 737MAXs until 12/19,

other news and a farewell from Kirk

NEW Requirement for travel to New Zealand effective Oct 1, 2019


Click to see video of:

Kathy Hutchens Memorial Service

June 18, 2019 at SFO Museum

Click to see photos of:

Linda F. Farrow's AFA Memorial Service

from January 31, 2019 in LAX

Click to see why...

Sara Nelson is a real leader!

You can help (or get help from) the AFA Disaster Relief Fund

It benefits both RAFA and AFA members

who have been impacted by hurricanes, wildfires, etc.

Click here for more information.

Recent RAFA Council Meetings 

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San Francisco

CPR Lunch with Don Attix   February 11, 2020

Los Angeles

RUPA-RAFA Christmas Lunch December 6, 2018


Summer Lunch  July 18, 2018


Pass Travel Seminar Feb 2, 2017 


Post Christmas Afternoon Tea, January 2017


For recent events, photos & news, click on the News tab in the left column.

For local news, choose your council from the Councils tab.


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