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February 9, 2016
SFO RAFA Meeting about FAMRI
 with Dr. Eveline Stock and Riya Jacob from the UCSF-Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute 

FAMRI researcher Riya Jacob presented slides about the program. 

Dr Eveline Stock from the UCSF Cardiovascular Care Center and Riya Jacob, research coordinator at UCSF-FAMRI Bland Lane Center at Mission Bay, told us about the clinical trials they conduct to determine the long-term effects of second hand smoke and other career related exposures experienced by flight attendants.  They urged any retirees who had been in for testing in the past to consider coming in again so that a time-line can be formed of the possible development of health problems with age.  Dr. Stock also reported on new studies to measure blood vessel health and its relationship to heart disease, as well as reproductive health of those exposed to second hand smoke and radiation.  Dr. Stock shared some fascinating data and answered questions by retirees.  

Flight attendants (active or retired) who would like to participate in the trials should contact Riya Jacob by visiting this website: or calling 415-412-0872 or emailing

What is FAMRI?

The Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute was formed as part of the resolution of a 1991 class action lawsuit in Florida. The $300 million settlement with the tobacco industry benefited non-smoking flight attendants whose health was damaged from exposure to tobacco smoke in airline cabins. FAMRI's mission is to sponsor scientific and medical research for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases and medical conditions caused by exposure to second hand tobacco smoke.

 FAMRI is an independent not-for-profit foundation. Flight attendants comprise the majority of its Board of TrusteesSince 2001, FAMRI has donated more than $30 million to support researchers at UCSF.

        The FAMRI Bland Lane Center of Excellence on Second Hand Smoke at UCSF consists of a research clinic and scientists conducting research in areas of second hand smoke and pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, exposure assessment, health, economics, and public policy.

L-R: Karen Kitt (SFO VP & Intl. Membership Chair), Dr. Eveline Stock, 
Marian Bruns (SFO Sec. & Intl Sec-Treasurer) and Riya Jacob

Over 20 SFO RAFA members attended, then most stayed to enjoy a delicious potluck buffet luncheon.


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