Purpose: Objectives of the international Retiree Association of Flight Attendants-CWA are to unite retired members in a cohesive organization to stay in touch with each other socially and to advocate for retiree and pre-retiree needs by organizing and participating in legislative, educational, civic, social, economic and community activities to advance and enhance the interests of its membership.

Membership: 1,500+ members nationally and world wide. Membership drives are ongoing. Former Flight Attendants who worked short term or long term careers with any airline are eligible for membership. A category of membership is open to friends and supporters of RAFA. Members are enfranchised and an executive board is formed by the presidents of all RAFA local councils. To join, click the Membership Information tab (left column).

Councils: RAFA has  previously had councils in California (LA and SF), Great Britain, Hawaii, Washington State and the Washington D.C. areas. Members worldwide may choose her/his preferred council or help to form new councils. A RAFA goal is to expand local councils at many airlines to support Flight Attendants in their area. As of 2020 there is one local council in San Francisco but there are Members at Large from every state in the US and many foreign countries as well.  

Meetings: Local councils have quarterly meetings. Local councils determine fundraiser meetings, educational meetings, business meetings and combinations. Local councils choose participation activities in legislative, social and outreach organizations. Electronic conference meetings of the executive boards, officers and committee members are routinely used between regular in-person meeting sessions.

Alliances: RAFA councils independently choose various outreach groups. RAFA is a member of the Alliance Coalition of the United Airlines Historical Foundation. Preferences at local levels include Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) and the Alliance for Retired Americans.

Community Projects: RAFA officers and representatives participate in legislative conferences at Federal and State levels yearly and whenever priority retiree issues arise. Actions include lobbying, leafleting and testifying for the well-being of retirees and pre-retirees. Fundraiser events for projects include memorial tributes to airlines crews who gave their lives on 9/11, participation in the Revlon/Walk/Run events to raise funds to fight women’s cancer and promoting the United Airlines Historical Foundation and the AFA Disaster Fund.

Publications and Communications: The evolution of internet technology enables RAFA to update its means of addressing retiree issues in a timely manner. Updates include electronic mailings, milestone chronicles, communal presidents’ letters to members and this website. RAFA representatives are committed to use electronic networking and social media training to meet the challenges of the rapid growth and development of RAFA.

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