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Welcome to RAFA London

Retirees may join or rejoin RAFA as a member of the LHR council.

Friends and family may join as Associate Members.  





Secretary/ Treasurer

Past LHR Events:


Danubius Hotel Regents Park

January 31, 2017

September 28, 2017 MEETING

T. J. Duffy's Tavern

Ronn Brunelle, Jonny Bacik, Cecilia Molitor, Averil Dale, Margaret Storr, Lai-Ping Tang, Gunilla Eldh, Jose Wiggins,

Susie Coco, Nicki Milne

Averil Dale - Gunilla Eldh - Cecilia Molitor

Susie Coco - Jonny Bacik - Margaret Storr - Lai-Ping Tang

Jose Wiggins

Susie Coco - Ronn Brunelle - Jonny Bacik

Lunch at the Plough Beer Garden


May 24, 2017 at T.J. Duffy's

From Left - Jose Wiggins - Li-Ping Tang - Averil Dale - Nicky Milne - Suzy Coco - Ronn Brunelle

Not shown but attended the meeting - Janet Morgan - Gunilla Eldh - Sheila McNamara


January 31, 2017

In Attendance: Jonny Bacik, Ronn Brunelle, Maggie Casey, Suzy Coco, Isanna Dale, Gunilla Eldh, Karolina Gantcher, Mahatab Hodivala, Sheila Landmesser, Oonah McFarlane-Wells, Sheila McNamara, Nicki Milne, Janet Morgan, Mary Murray, Heidi Powell, Miguel Rodriguez Gonzalez, Josie Wiggins, Sandra Wynne

Special Guests: Anthony King, Local AFA President, Jenny Adams and Minita Mada, Local AFA Council Reps, Cathy and Mike Moore, friends of Ronn Brunelle

October 2016 meeting

at T.J. Duffy's

Back Row (From Left)  Gunila Eldh, Susan Easton, Janet Morgan, Nicki Milne, Jose Wiggins

Front Row (From Left) Cecilia Molitor, Karolina Gantcher, Ronn Brunelle, Lai-Ping Tang, Susie Coco, Thea Waagaard

.Karolina Gantcher & Nicki Milne

       .Lai-Ping Tang

Jose Wiggins, Susan Easton & Janet Morgan​

July 2016 Meeting

at T.J. Duffy's 

Local AFA Council 7 President Anthony King reporting on the

Tentative Agreement for our active flying partners.

RAFA London members enjoying the sunshine on the patio at T.J. Duffys.

Day of Action @ LHR 

RAFA joins AFA Council 7 at their Day of Action on May 19, 2016.


Local Council Meeting

October 8, 2015

Standing (From left) Heidi Yoder(with Dolly) Diane Chambers, Ronn Brunelle, Janet Morgan, Anthony King,

 Diane Gillbert, Lai-Ping Tang

Sitting (From left) Suzy Coco, Karolina Gantcher, Sheila McNamara, Susan Easton, Oonah McFarlane Wells,

 Averil Dale 


Summer Picnic at Osterley Park

July 16, 2015

.Standing (From left) Lai-Ping Tang, Anthony King, Jose Wiggins, Janet Morgan

Angie Fletcher, Ronn Brunellle

Sitting (From left) Suzy Coco, Oonah MacFarlane Wells, Miguel Rodriguez Gonzalez, Nicki Milne

Angie Fletcher & Lai-Ping Tang

Josie Wiggins, Suzy Coco & Janet Morgan

Oonah MacFarlane Wells

​Nice Weather - Great Food - Fantastic Friends!!!!

Local Chapter Meeting  

July 1, 2015.

Janet Morgam, Gunilla Eldh, Jose Wiggins, Ronn Brunelle, Suzy Coco,

Diane Gilbert, Lai-Ping Tang, Nicki Milne

(Not pictured - Jessie Matharu & Miguel Rodriguez Gonzalez

Lai-Ping Tang & Nicki Milne

Gunilla Eldh & Janet Morgan

Jose Wiggins & Suzy Coco

Christmas Tea, December 11, 2014.

Thank you to our gracious host; Lai-Ping Tang!



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