Pass Travel UPDATE                                                       March 14, 2017

  Corrected March 20, 2017

In this issue:

  1. 2 free checked bags policy
  2. Domestic Growth and TransAtlantic summer flying
  3. Mexico Tourist Tax via invoice
  4. Travel discounts with ID90
  5. Basic Economy fares
  6. United ServiceAnywhere
  7. Recent news from United
  8. RAFA website
  9. BONUS: TSA-precheck and Trusted Traveler programs

1) Two Free Checked Bags Policy

Retirees/employees are allowed to check up to two bags (up to 70 lbs each) free of charge on United and United Express flights ONLY when traveling space-available or on a confirmed myUAdiscount ticket. All other tickets purchased directly from or other websites, including tickets purchased using MileagePlus miles, do NOT qualify for the free baggage allowance. The eTicket receipt you receive when listing for passes or buying myUAdiscount tickets will show the cost of two checked bags as $0. 

If you feel you were unfairly charged for bags, submit a “Checked bag refund” request form via > Reservations > Refund/cancelation policy.  Next, use the drop down arrow under “Select a refund type” to choose “Checked bag refund” and fill out the request form.  At the end of the process, you’ll receive a Refund Request Number that you can use to check the status of your refund directly from 


2) Domestic growth plan & Atlantic summer seasonal flying

New destinations for standby travel!

Effective Feb 16th United now has new service from DEN and SFO to BUR (Burbank). Also announced; new flights from EWR to AVL (Asheville, North Carolina), TYS (Knoxville, Tennessee) and SAV (Savannah).

Effective Feb 17th United’s “Bay to Bay” service began with daily roundtrip 737-900 service from SFO to TPA (Tampa, FL).

Effective March 10th daily service from SJC (San Jose, CA) will include ORD and EWR.  Also, daily service EWR to MYR (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) has begun for the summer season.

On Feb 27th Scott Kirby wrote about United’s routes and growth plan. We are going on the OFFENSE and there will be 4 new domestic destinations this summer: CMI (Champaign, IL), COU (Columbia, MO), RST (Rochester, MN) and STS (Santa Rosa, CA). Read more on FlyingTogether:

United has announced new summer seasonal service and added frequency across the Atlantic from EWR, IAD, ORD, IAH and SFO. 

Exciting for SFO: a non-stop to MUNICH!  Read about all the flights & effective dates here:

3) Mexico Tourist Tax collected by invoice

Prior to October 2016, the Mexico Tourist Tax was collected at the Mexican airport as you departed (unless you were using a Mexican passport). Now the tax is no longer collected at the airport; retirees/employees who are not using a Mexican passport will be sent an invoice for it.  At this time the technology is not in place to pre-pay the Mexico Tourist Tax in employeeRES. However, when listing for flights departing Mexico you will be required to pre-pay Mexican Departure Tax; the Mexico Tourist Tax is in addition to the departure tax.

4) Travel Discounts with ID90: cars, cruises, resorts, rooms

United has expanded its relationship with ID90 so we can get discounts when traveling for leisure. Discounts (some as much as 60% off) also apply to our eligible pass riders. Access the ID90 website via the banner in the left column in employeeRES, just beneath “ePass Balances” (which is reached from FlyingTogether > “Book a Flight”). 

For more ID90 information:   ID90 has a phone and email support: 1-877-298-5233 and

For ID90 Questions/Answers

Note; to book FLIGHTS on almost all OTHER AIRLINES use myIDTravelPurchase to buy ZED tickets (click on the “OtherAirline InterlineTravel” tile on FT> “Travel”). For help and step-by-step instructions click on: RAFA’s “OTHER AIRLINE Travel”  

5) More info: Basic Economy fares

Basic Economy tickets are now on sale to/from MSP (Minneapolis) and will expand to other markets later this quarter. First travel date: April 18th. Employees/retirees may buy myUAdiscount tickets with BE fares, subject to fare rules and restrictions.

See our article in the January 2017 Pass Travel UPDATE HERE; scroll to #5.

United is educating the public about BE via the Big Metal Bird series. To watch the video (it may take a while to load) go to this link: 

For further “Basic Economy” information, visit FlyingTogether > Company > Products&Networks > “BasicEconomy” or click HERE.

6) Got questions? Use “United ServiceAnywhere”

Retirees may use USAW to get answers about Pass Travel, HR policies and Employee Service Center items (retiree badge, name changes, etc). Requests may be submitted online, 24/7. It’s like a Google search within Flying Together; check it out!

Access “United ServiceAnywhere” by either:

1) On FlyingTogether “Home” page, scroll the tiles below the picture horizontally by clicking the YELLOW  arrow buttons; find dark purple United ServiceAnywhere tile, click!

2) On Flying Together > “Employee Services” page, click on the dark purple United ServiceAnywhere box.

3) On Flying Together > “Travel” page, scroll down the RIGHT column to find the dark purple United  ServiceAnywhere box, click!

7) “Recent News” on Flying Together>News

Click the dark blue “Recent News” link above to see other stories. 

Here are some you might like (several relate to articles above):

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02/03: President Scott Kirby “unplugged” in Chicago

02/10: Improved IAH Terminal C features United’s “Stars”!

02/16: 777-300 first revenue flight EWR-SFO; will fly SFO-HKG March 25

02/17: New “Bay to Bay” SFO-TPA-SFO service launches

02/21: Basic Economy tickets now on sale MSP

02/21: United launches daily service to four new mainline stations

02/23: Get INSPIRED by employee’s travel stories

02/27: United’s Growth Plan and 4 new summer destinations

03/28: United ranked #1 US-based global carrier

03/03: TransAtlantic Summer seasonal flying

03/03: New flight attendants make news in Houston

03/06: How to get new travel discounts with ID90

  03/09: United: most intensely loved brand on social media

8) Have you seen our RAFA website?

   Check out the Travel Benefits tab here:

  Read the Pass Travel Program Summary, helpful links, phone numbers and more.

For other Pass Travel Topics: Previous Travel UPDATES

Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                          March 2017

9) SPECIAL BONUS:Trusted Traveler Programs

Retirees may no longer be routinely given TSA-precheck status when traveling standby.

Join a Trusted Traveler Program to have TSA-precheck every time you fly!

This information is used by permission, courtesy of RUAEA member, Kathie Torgison .

It was originally published in the RUAEA Newsletter, March 2017  

Thank you, Kathie!

Torgy’s Travel Tips – March 2017

Trusted Traveler Programs

Three years ago, I wrote an article for this column describing TSA Pre√, which

was somewhat new at that time. Many of you may have periodically experienced

the benefits of this program since then, even though you have never enrolled. That

is now about to change as Customs and Board Protection (CBP) has announced the

elimination of random selection, meaning only enrolled participants will qualify for

this expedited security program. So, I’d like to assist you with what choices you

have to make your airport security and international border crossing experiences

work the best.

There are 5 programs to choose between if you’d like to bypass long waiting

lines. All have costs, all require an application and some require an in-person

interview. Take a look:

TSA Pre√ ~ $85, valid for 5 years

 Logo on your boarding pass allows entrance to expedited security lines at 160 US airports

 Shoes and jackets stay on during security

 Laptops can remain in your carry-on bag

 Liquids/gels/creams can remain in your carry-on bag

 30 airlines participate (including 6 international carriers) during check-in process

 Quickest program to qualify for, usually 7-21 days


Global Entry ~ $100, valid for 5 years

 Includes all benefits of TSA Pre√ plus expedited re-entry to USA from foreign ports

 Upon arrival into USA, proceed directly to kiosk for fingerprint verification and electronic customs


 Receipt prints and you proceed directly to bag claim and exit

 Requires rigorous background check and in-person interview

 Takes 4-6 weeks for entire qualification process


NEXUS ~ $50 valid for 5 years

 Includes all benefits of both TSA Pre√ and Global Entry plus expedited land crossing between USA and


 Requires rigorous background check and in-person interviews with both US and Canadian Border

 Protection agencies

 Can also include free iris scan to qualify for expedited air arrivals into Canada, if desired

 Primarily beneficial for those living near the Canadian border who cross by car frequently

 All vehicle occupants must have NEXUS when using these special lanes at the border

 Takes up to 4 months (sometimes longer) to clear qualification process


SENTRI ~ $122.50 valid for 5 years

 Includes all benefits of both TSA Pre√ and Global Entry plus expedited land crossing between USA and

 Mexico. Similar application procedures as NEXUS.


Clear ~ $179 valid 1 year only. 

  Non-governmental company vetting your ID only

 Proceed through blue “CLEAR” lanes at 22 US airports for fingerprint and iris scan

 Escort will take you to beginning of regular (not TSA Pre√) bag screening line

 Operated by a private company, partially owned by Delta Airlines

 Note: This service bypasses the normal TSA ID check line only.

 All normal screening rules apply, i.e. take off shoes and jackets, take out laptops, etc.


How To Apply:

The process to apply for TSA Pre√ involves an online application that takes about 5 minutes to fill out.

 You must pay the non-refundable $85 fee with a credit card at the time you submit the application.

 (There are discounts available through Mileage Plus as well as several other credit card companies and

loyalty programs, such as Hilton HHonors, Chase Sapphire Card and select American Express cards.)

 You select the time and location (usually an airport) where you wish to be interviewed by CBP


 Following your interview, you will receive an email, usually within 7 to 21 days with your “Known

Traveler Number (KTN)” if you have been approved.

Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI applications take about 30 minutes to fill out online.

 Payment of the non-refundable fee must be made at the time you submit your application and there are

 NO discounts.

 Wait for an email granting you “Conditional Approval” which can take anywhere from 7 days to 4


 Select a time and location for your in-person interview once Conditional Approval is received.

 During your interview, your Known Traveler Number (KTN) will be issued if you are approved and you

may use it immediately for air travel.

 The physical plastic card for NEXUS and SENTRI arrive by mail about 10 days later. You cannot use

the NEXUS or SENTRI driving lanes at the border without the card.

Once you have your Known Traveler Number you need to enter it into your employee profile.
 On a computer: Go to > Travel > employeeRES > My profile > Manage profile
 Scroll down to Employee Identification information and fill in the Known traveler no.
 Scroll down to hit Save identification info.
On a mobile device: Got to > employeeRES > Quick Links > Employee travel profile > My profile > Manage profile.
        Scroll down to Employee identification information and fill in the Known traveler no.
Scroll down to hit Save identification info.

Each time you fly, whether on a pass or with your 20% MyUADiscount ticket, the TSA Pre√ logo will

appear on your boarding pass granting you access to a quicker departure! 

When flying on other airlines, enter your KTN when your make your listing or reservation.

Happy Travels!

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