Pass Travel UPDATE                            September 22015      


 1)  IMPORTANT: myUAdiscount ticketing

Today the ETC sent this message to the UA retiree groups:

“The Employee Travel Center added this verbiage to the home page of the Travel tab on Flying Together as an advisory and also to the myUAdiscount page regarding the new  When we have moved myUAdiscount to the new, I’ll have more communication to send to everyone.    Verbiage:

We are gradually launching the newly designed home page and booking path.  When booking myUAdiscount travel and the Book link takes you to the newly designed site, you must close it, clear your browser cookies and then return to click the Book link. This should take you to the previous version of, which you will use to receive the discount until we transfer it to the new site expected early September.”

Our advice: plan ahead!  Don’t wait to the last minute to buy myUAdiscount tickets. Here’s the myUAdiscount page on FT>Travel>Travel Programs:

FYI:  Once you click “Book” and go to the site, the myUAdiscount fares will be displayed with a blue star, indicating the promotional fare. 

2) Cannot log into Flying Together with Firefox or I.E.

United’s IT Service Desk sent RAFA this message today: “That is a known issue with Firefox. The only available workaround has been halted as it makes the workstation vulnerable to viruses.  They will need to use IE.  Internet Explorer is United’s primary browser.”

If you cannot log into Flying Together with Internet Explorer, add and to IE’s compatibility view. Here are instructions:

  1. Open I.E.; press the Alt key, click “Tools” on the menu bar, and then click “Compatibility View settings”. You may also find the same info on the settings (gear icon) on the top right of the menu bar. 
  2. In the “Add this website box”, first type, then and then click the “Add” button.    
  3. Retirees who still cannot access Flying Together with I.E. can call the IT Service Desk. Please call after 6 PM Central time: 800-255-5801.  
  4. NOTE: Some retirees report they can still use Firefox version 38.0.5 with Flying Together, but newer versions like Firefox 39.0 or 40.0.3 will not work.                       

3) Retirees use Chrome to access Flying Together


Several retirees are successfully using Google’s Chrome browser with Flying Together. If I.E. and Firefox aren’t working for you, try Chrome; apparently the latest version (44.0.2403.157) works fine.  However, keep in mind, United does not support Chrome. Here is a message from the IT Service Desk:  “Yes (let retirees know about using Chrome) and that if they have issues, we do not support Chrome so a call into us would do no good.”

4) iPad users, take note

Several iPad users report they can access FT but not employeeRES. The IT Svc Desk says: “If they can’t access employeeRES on their iPads and their home computers, call the IT Service Desk as we need more information to open a ticket”.

Other iPad users report they can access FT and can run a Pass Travel Report, but only the first page of the report is visible; they cannot swipe/scroll to the other pages. The IT Svc Desk says: “If they can’t view the report successfully on their iPads and on their home computers, call the IT Service Desk as we need more information to open a ticket.”

The IT Service Desk is best reached after 6 PM Central time: 800-255-5801

“Opening a ticket” is the IT Department’s first step to fixing the problem.

5) Recent news snippets from the United Daily 

(On Flying Together>News, click on “Recent news”)

To read these stories in-depth, click the blue United Daily link above and scroll to the date.

  • 07/28: There is a new look for "Your Benefits Resources"
  • 07/28: UA has bought 200 new aircraft since the merger 
  • 07/29: Tablets for rent on 777s to/from HNL
  • 07/31: More winter flights to Mexico, Caribbean & Latin America…beaches!
  • 08/05: World’s most entertaining airports!
  • 08/10: UnitedGroundExpress launches at out-sourced airports
  • 08/13: Maps in United’s App
  • 08/18: More mainline aircraft replace 50-seat RJs on domestic routes
  • 08/24: More Bogota and Quito flying scheduled this winter
  • 08/26: 787 flying shifts to West Coast, will impact sUA & sCO staffing
  • 08/28: United to join S&P 500 in September
  • 08/31: Personal Device Entertainment on 300 aircraft; watch movies on your device

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Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                       9/2/2015 


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