Retiree Pass Travel UPDATE             August 25, 2013  


1) Where does United fly?


From Torgis Travel Tips, September 2013 RUAEA newsletter 

         The easiest way to determine Uniteds up-to-the-minute destination list is to access the website used by regular United customers: Directly under the United logo is a blue bar with several drop-down menu choices: Home, Reservations, Travel Information, Deals and Offers, etc. Hold your cursor over Travel Information and you will see a gray box drop down. Click on Destination Information. To see all the cities where your passes are valid, click on the circle titled Show Only Destinations Served by United Airlines or United Express. You will receive an alphabetical listing of cities along with their airport code and if the city is served by a United Express carrier, the name of that carrier will be displayed. Once you have this information you can begin planning your pass travel on the website using employeeRES.

2)  Other Airline Travel research tool


From Torgis Travel Tips, September 2013 RUAEA newsletter

         If the city you desire to visit is not listed in the United Airlines table just described above, you may need to find another airline that offers a reduced rate ticket such as a ZED or ID90 fare. There is a tool on the Flying Together website called the ID90T Research Tool. Not only can you find out which airlines fly there but you also get a fare quote!

         From the home page, select EmployeeRes from the left hand column. In employeeRES, click on Quick Links located just below the search and reset boxes, then select ID90T Research Tool. From here, you simply fill out the desired city pairs, dates you wish to travel and select who will be flying. You will receive a schedule and fare for each airline that offers UA retirees discount tickets. Hold your cursor over the carrier code and it will give you the English name of the airline. If you click on the fare, it breaks down the taxes for you.

         IMPORTANT NOTE: As the title says, this is a research tool, not the place to purchase tickets. To buy Other Airline tickets go to the Other Airline/Interline Travel page under Travel Programs on the Flying Together>Travel page. Select the airline you want from the drop down box of airlines to determine if they accept either ID90 e-tickets or paper ZED tickets. Read all the information about purchasing the ticket and how to list for flights on that airlines page. Then, return to the Other Airline/Interline Travel page to buy the e-ticket using the ID90T website or request a paper ZED ticket (to be written at a UA ticket counter).

  RAFA has good information about Other Airline travel in the "Specific INFO" submenu to the left.

3) Pass travel questions? Get answers!


See #7 in the RAFA Pass Travel UPDATE June 27, 2013 edition.

Also there: Not comfortable with employeeRES? Read #4.

And: Don’t get downgraded from FC to Y; ask for BC!  Read #2.

4)      Prepare a BACKUP PLAN when pass traveling!

Posted on United Daily August 14, 2013

         With the busy summer travel season winding down, we are still seeing strong load factors in our international locations that may prevent us from accommodating all pass riders. We are seeing more pass riders looking for different routes to and from their final destinations. We strongly encourage all pass riders to prepare alternate routings on United or to secure backup passes for travel on other airlines (OA), if eligible, before departing their originating cities.

         Eligible co-workers and retirees may buy electronic Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) tickets on more than 45 OA carriers through our ID90T website, accessed on FlyingTogether>Travel > Other Airline/Interline Travel.

         A number of OA carriers still require a paper ticket for travel. Pass travelers must request ZED and Industry Discount (ID) paper tickets through the New Ticket Requests form available on Travel > Other Airline/Interline Travel > New Ticket Requests. OA paper ticket requests will be processed within four hours and an email with a confirmation code will be sent. Eligible pass riders can then purchase their advance OA paper tickets from their local employee travel offices, most United airport ticket counters or city ticket offices.

         When considering OA backup plans, plan accordingly, verify eligibility and review the listing/reservation guidelines in advance of your travel date. To learn which OA carriers with which United has an eTicket agreement and to learn how to list on OA carriers, visit the specific airlines interline agreement information in the drop down menu on the Other Airline/Interline Travel page.

         In addition, please respect our airport co-workers need to focus on our revenue customers during this busy travel period. Please be patient and allow sufficient time at the airport for ticketing assistance.

4) United Retiree Badges...UPDATE.


            As of August 23rd over 1,500 retirees have ordered badges. Almost all badges ordered before August 1st have been shipped. To order: see #1 in the RAFA Pass Travel UPDATE on June 27, 2013 in the "Previous Travel UPDATES", submenu on the left.

This information is from the Badging Office, Employee Service Center Ops, WHQHR:

Submitting Photos

Retirees do not need to have a professional photo taken for the new Retiree badge.  We can upload any photo so long as it meets the passport style criteria (on a solid blue or off-white background with the retirees face unobstructed in the foreground).  This system does not have photos previously stored which is why we need a recent photo to be sent to badging@united.comfor inclusion on the badge.


Where to Direct Questions

The quickest and most direct means of communication with the team that processes the retiree badges is by emailing  We are working to respond to inquiries within 2 business days.  Calling individual badging offices usually delays the response time as different offices manage different parts of the process.


Providing Access

The badges do not provide access to restricted work areas of United Airlines.


Employee ID/File Number on the Badge

These numbers are considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and were not included on the approved badge design.


Using Retiree Badges at Airport Kiosks

These badges do not include any imbedded technology that allows an airport kiosk to retrieve a retirees flight itinerary or any other personal information.  These badges are not produced on the corporate badging system that created the subsidiary Continental retiree badge.  As of now, there are no plans to add this functionality.


Paying for the Retiree Badge without Creating a PayPal Account

Retirees do not need to create a PayPal account to pay for their retiree badge.  Below are the steps to pay directly with a credit/debit card. 


Select Initial $35.00 USD from the drop down, then select, Add to Cart.


Enter the number of badges you are ordering (make sure the total is the correct amount by selecting, Update).


To pay without creating a PayPal account, select, Check Out.


Then select, Dont have a PayPal account?


You are them presented with the area to pay directly with a credit/debit card.


5) Recent news snippets from the United Daily (archive on Flying Together)

         8/16:More than 50% of our Premium Service 757s have been reconfigured.

         8/15:2014 international flying is announced, including SFO-KIX 787.

         8/13:African 787 service IAH-LOS-IAH is launched.

         8/12: New terminal and United Club open at SAN.

         8/08:New seasonal service DEN-RSW (Florida) will start Dec 21st.

         8/06:More user-friendly Aero 3.5 released to enable CSRs at the gate.

         8/01:787s now flying LAX-NRT and LAX-PVG (Shanghai).

         7/25: 14th of 24 737-900s is delivered; each will save $2 million annually.

         7/07: Many United departments assist in SFO after Asiana 777 incident.

Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                      08/23/2013

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