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Pass Travel UPDATE                                   December 10, 2014        



1) Update your Enrolled Friends for 2015 by December 29th online!

       Effective Dec. 10 through Dec. 29, 2014 (7 pm CST) eligible retirees may update their Enrolled Friends elections for the 2015 calendar year.

 If no action is taken, your 2014 enrolled friend(s) will automatically roll over on January 1, 2015.

        Retirees can designate up to 2 enrolled friends annually during the enrollment period.  Those EFs will be eligible to fly on January 1st.  Here are the options:


1)   Keep your current (2014) enrolled friend(s) for 2015: No Action Required. Your current EFs will be able to fly now thru December 31, 2015.

2)   Register new enrolled friend(s) for the 2015 calendar year: Action is Required! Your current EFs fly until midnight on 12/31/14, all travel must be completed by that time. Your 2015 EFs can start flying on 1/1/15.

3)   Start 2015 without enrolled friend(s) to ensure the ability to register someone at a later time in 2015: Action is Required! Your current (2014) EFs fly until midnight on 12/31/14. You may add new EF(s) to empty slot(s) at any time in 2015.


         How to take action: 

         Go to Flying Together>Employee Services > My Info > Pass Riders.

         Look in the red box that says Enroll by Monday, December 29, 2014 by 7:00 PM CST.

         Select Enroll next to the EF you wish to add or change for 2015.

         Then select either Add a friend…” or  Start 2015 without..

         If you add a new EF you must complete the Dependent Certification form.

         An updated, step-by-step Enrolled Friend Guide for Retirees pdf is available on Flying Together>Travel>TravelPrograms>EnrolledFriends>RetireeGuide (in the additional information section) or click here:


         Caution:If you Inactivate your current EF(s) in the blue box that says No further action needed at this time they will lose travel privileges within 24 hours.  You may inactivate your EFs at any time, but the replacement you designate cannot fly until January 1st of the next year.

            We strongly suggest being certain of your choice. Sometimes it’s better to start the new year without enrolled friend(s) until you are confident of whom you would like to register for the 2015 calendar year.

         For more details, go to Flying Together>Travel>Enrolled Friend (under Travel Programs) and look at registering an enrolled friend in the Program Details box or view the retiree PDF Access guides for registering an enrolled friend.

         If you change your EFs for 2015 be sure to tell your 2014 EFs they must complete all travel by midnight Dec 31, 2014.

Remember the deadline to make changes is 7 pm CST on December 29, 2014!

The new phone number for the Employee Travel Center (and other UAL departments) is 877-825-3729.  From international locations use: 847-825-3729


2)  Important things to know about the My Info page


       My Info (used for EF registration) is now located in the left column of the Employee Services page on Flying Together

         Retirees who do not visit Flying Together at least once every 90 days will be denied access. To get re-instated you must call the United IT Service Desk: 1-800-255-5801 outside of normal biz hours.

         If the “My Info”;  page does not display on your computer then try changing your browser preferences to enable JavaScript and cookies. Don’t know how? Call the United IT Service Desk: 1-800-255-5801 outside of normal biz hours.

         Personal Information: If you are on the “My Info” page, do NOT click on “Myinfo” under “Personal Information”….that’s for employees only.  Retirees can view their personal information by clicking on “Your Benefits Resources (YBR)” under the blue “Benefits” heading on the “My Info” page. Once you are re-directed to the YBR page, click on “Your Profile” at the top of the page to view your personal information.

        Pass Travel Report” under “Pass Riders” will display all the pass travel trips you and your eligible pass riders have taken (handy to have if United sends you a 1099 tax form early next year).  Only problem, the Pass Travel Report does not work on Mac computers. Find a friend with a PC to generate your report.


3)  Early Out Pass Travel

         Most flight attendants taking the 2014 Early Out are eligible for the retiree pass travel program (due to their age and years of service). As soon as the company releases them, they will receive the same privileges/boarding priority as we have now (see RAFAs Pass Travel Summary for more details).

         However, those F/As who are not eligible for retiree travel (due to their age and YOS) will get the following privileges, IF they elected to purchase an Early Out Pass Travel plan:

         1) Unlimited travel on UA and UAX at SA5P priority (they board after all retirees).

         2) They pay the same service charges as we do (based on YOS)

         3) Their pass riders are: parents, unmarried children < 26 yrs old, and one Enrolled Friend OR spouse OR domestic partner

         4) No buddy passes

         5) No vacation passes

         6) Once they reach retirement age/YOS, they automatically convert to the retiree pass travel privileges that we have (if they purchased enough pass travel years).  They had the option of paying $5,000 for 5 years, $10,000 for 10 years, or $15,000 for 15 years of pass travel.

4)  New rules for Buddy Travel (applies to employees only)

                  (See employeeRES landing page December 1, 2014)


        Reminder: Retirees do not have buddy passes, but we do have 2 Enrolled Friends (which are completely different than buddy passes).

         Reminder: Employees without a spouse or domestic partner can register a Primary Friend; retirees do NOT have Primary Friends. Only active employees have buddy passes and primary friends.        

         The following information applies to employees only, it does not affect Enrolled Friend travel.

         Effective Jan 5, 2015 Buddies may travel on international flights (including mainland-Hawaii & mainland-Alaska) only if accompanied by the employee or the employees eligible pass rider. Buddies may still travel unaccompanied within mainland USA.

         Effective mid-February 2015: Active employees must pre-register up to 12 people who will be eligible to use their Buddy Passes.

More info is on the FlyingTogether>Travel landing page:

Q & A here: SID=Travel&path=/Integration/links/QA_buddyPasses.jsp

4) Recent news snippets from the United Daily (archive on Flying Together>News)


            10/31: LAX makeover consolidates into terminals 7 & 8

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           11/24:New trans-Atlantic flights like EWR-VCE Venice start June 4th

           11/25:UK F/As meet pax at Paddington LHR Express Train

           12/03:Daily service DEN-PTY Panama City is launched

           12/04:United News app available for Android

            12/07: Daily service to IAH-SCL Santiago Chile begins




5) Have you seen our new website?

         Check out the Travel Benefits tab:


Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                      12/09/2014

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