Pass Travel UPDATE                         June 4, 2014         

Important change for pass travel on Other Airlines! 

Effective today, eligible employees and retirees can list and purchase ZED electronic tickets on Lufthansa, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and TAP Portugal using the new MyIDTravelPurchase tool on the OtherAirline/InterlineTravel page on Flying Together>Travel. 

After June 2nd only eTickets will be sold for those five carriers. Paper tickets purchased before June 2nd are valid up to 90 days from issue.

For more information about the MyIDTravelPurchase tool (who can travel, $2 ticketing fee per segment, changes, refunds, etc.) read the pdf of questions and answers. The announcement is on the employeeRES landing page and in the June 4th United Daily news.

There are now THREE methods for buying discount eTickets or paper tickets on Other Airlines. Which method you use depends on the carrier.

1)     eTickets on Lufthansa, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest & TAP are purchased using the MyIDTravel tool.

2)     All other eTickets are purchased using the ID90T website.

3)     Paper tickets must be requested online from United then written at a UA ticket counter.

All THREE METHODS are accessed from the OtherAirline/InterlineTravel page on Flying Together>Travel. To determine which method is used for the carrier you wish to travel on, use the drop-down box near the top of the Other Airline/Interline Travel page to Select from the Interline Agreements below. Each agreement will detail who can travel and how to purchase tickets and list for that carrier; read it carefully!

For RAFA's step-by-step guide to Other Airline Travel, visit the newly-updated page in the "Specific INFO" submenu or just click HERE.

Here is the announcement on the United Daily:

United Daily  Posted 6/4/2014

As we near completion of our initiative to go paperless for other airline (OA) tickets, we are introducing Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) eTicketing and listing capabilities for the most frequently requested OA carriers for space-available travel.

Effective June 4, eligible co-workers and retirees can list and purchase ZED eTickets on Lufthansa (LH), Delta (DL), JetBlue (B6), Southwest (WN) and TAP Portugal (TP).

Eligible co-workers and retirees may buy eTickets for themselves and their eligible pass riders for these carriers by accessing the new MyIDTravelPurchase tool via the Other Airline/Interline Travel page on the Travel tab. This tool is a one-stop shop enabling you to book and purchase tickets together. You may also view your chances for obtaining a seat based on excellent, fair or poor icons.

The MyIDTravelPurchase tool is available only for these five carriers. For eTickets on airlines other than these five, please continue to purchase tickets through the ID90Tsite. Find the agreement for each carrier on the Other Airline/Interline Travel page and follow instructions on how to list for that carrier.

With this implementation we now have eTicket capabilities for space-available travel with 90 percent of our OA agreements. eTicketing simplifies the process for pass riders and employees working at stations, as it removes the need for paper issuance at airports and the need for completing a ZED paper ticket request form.

For more information on myIDTravelPurchase tool and eTicketing procedures, view these questions and answers.

Kirk Moore, Chairperson, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                                               6/04/2014

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