Pass Travel UPDATE                                        June 24, 2015      


 1)  Registering your Pass Riders

A list of retirees’ eligible pass riders is on our Pass Travel Summary page.

Retirees and employees will now use the new “My Info” system on “Flying Together > Employee Services” to register pass riders. So many people are calling the Employee Travel Center about using the new system the ETC notified us their phone lines are jammed!   So….please note:

  1. Retirees usually do not need to register pass riders unless we get married, get new kids, get a new domestic partner, or some other life event transpires. 
  2. Retirees who have already registered their two annual Enrolled Friends should wait until the December “open enrollment period” to make changes.  
  3. Yes, we can “deactivate” our current Enrolled Friend(s) at any time, but a new Enrolled Friend will not be eligible to fly until January 1st.  
  4. If you have never registered Enrolled Friends, you may add one or two EFs for 2015 now, but it may take up to 72 hours before you can list them on a flight.

IF you still need to register a pass rider now….please read this Advisory from the ETC:

Question about registering pass riders?  Check the Q&A first


The Employee Travel Center is receiving a high volume of calls and emails related to registering pass riders as employees, retirees and their families/friends prepare for summer travel.  Please refer to the Q&A, which covers the most frequently asked questions and the Reference Guide , first to see if your question is answered before calling or emailing so that our representatives can best assist everyone.

Comments from RAFA: 

  1. Links to the Q&A and Reference Guide are on the Flying Together>Travel page; scroll down below the “Welcome” announcement to view the June 22 Advisory. 
  2. The step-by-step Reference Guide is very good, but beware, it’s for both retirees andemployees.  It has information about buddy travel, extended family buddies, etc. that does not apply to retirees.  
  3. International retirees/employees should view page 13 about foreign documents. 
  4. Fortunately, documents are not required for registration of Enrolled Friends!
  5. In December retirees will be using the “My Info” system to make changes to their Enrolled Friends.

To register your pass riders go to either: Flying Together>Travel and click on the “Update pass riders and buddies” icon in the middle of the page…..OR…..go to Flying Together>Employee Services>My Info> Pass Riders (under the Travel subheading). You will have to sign in again (use same file number and password that you use for Flying Together).

2) United’s p.s. service moves to EWR 

United recently announced it will be swapping slots with Delta and leaving JFK in late October, moving its popular p.s. transcontinental 757 service to Newark where a $2 billion dollar terminal upgrade awaits

3) AA will not change retiree pass policy back

American Airlines retirees flying standby used to be boarded in the same group as actives but, since the merger with US Air, they now board after all actives.   Despite protests by AA retirees, the CEO of American Airlines recently announced there will be no return to the pre-merger policy.  AA boards standbys by “time of check-in”, not by “seniority”.

4) Recent news snippets from the United Daily 

(On Flying Together>News, click on “Recent news”)

To read these stories in-depth click the blue United Daily link above and scroll to the date.

04/23: Record 1st quarter profits, fleet changes coming

04/24: AA’s 1st quarter profit up 206% over 2014

05/08: UA begins half a billion dollars LAX terminal re-design

05/08: New 787-9s to fly out of IAH 

05/11: UA begins $244 million new terminal in Houston

05/13: UA leases 11 A-319s to reduce dependence on 50 seat jets

05/17: ORD-Rome launches for the summer with 777

05/22: Summer flying schedule: more mainline, larger gauge a/c

05/27: iOS Update for United’s app

05/28: Tips & reminders for summer travel

06/05: TransAtlantic summer service: Venice, Dublin, Paris!

06/15: UA flight attendants get Link’d with iPhone 6s

06/16: UA is moving p.s. service from JFK to EWR in October

5) Have you seen our new website?

  Check out the Travel Benefits tab:


Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                              6/24/2015

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