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In this issue:

  1. You’re invited: Pass Travel Seminars in SFO
  2. 3 HOT TIPS from the ETC
  3. Leaving YYZ (Toronto) will cost more
  4. United’s routes and fleet plans
  5. Pass Travel Dos and Don’ts
  6. Play with your Enrolled Friends
  7. Rumor control
  8. Recent news from United

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1)   Pass Travel Seminars in SFO May 23rd & June 8th

San Francisco RAFA will present a seminar on “Pass Travel for retirees” at 10 AM on Monday, May 23rdat the IAM hall near SFO airport. Learn how to list on UA flights using employeeRES. All United retirees, their pass riders, and current employees (especially Early Out candidates) are welcome. A potluck luncheon will follow, so fly in for the day!!

On June 8th a second seminar will cover Other Airline travel and myUAdiscount tickets. 

More info about both seminars is here.

2) Three Hot Tips from the ETC (Employee Travel Center)!

1) Flying Together password reset: call the Help Desk 800-255-5801

2) To request a refund for service charges/departure taxes on a pre-paid eTicket:                                                    Go to > Reservations > Refund                                                                                                      Avoid having to request a refund by canceling your listing BEFORE departure time.

3) Link your MileagePlus number in employeeRES so you can manage pass travel on your phone/tablet    using the United app. Soon we will be able to book space-available and myUAdiscount travel via the              United app! Click the “how-to guide” link:


3) Leaving YYZ (Toronto) will cost more

    Message from the ETC on May 13, 2016:

Effective June 1, 2016, like all revenue customers, leisure space-available travel departing from Toronto (YYZ) , including but not limited to vacation, personal, buddy and jumpseat, will be subject to a 25 CAD AIF (Airport Improvement Fee) plus the 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). These fees and taxes can be payroll deducted (if applicable) or pre-paid with a credit card during the booking process. Employees traveling for company business will remain exempt.”

4) United’s routes and fleet plans

Many thanks to Capt. Pat Palazzolo for this information from Airways News

Click to read the March 28th interview with United’s VP of Network, Brian Znotins.

He discusses where and why new aircraft like the 777-300ER, Airbus 350-1000, 787s and 65 additional 737-700s will fly. Also explained: expansion to Asia via SFO, changes in LA, Dulles, Newark & Havana and United’s joint ventures with Air NZ & ANA.

Related: Read United Daily article on 3/23/16 New ties with China Air.

5) Pass Travel Dos & Don’ts

Many thanks MCI CSR Tyler Jenkins for collaborating on the following list.

To see UNITED’s Dos and Don’ts go to Flying Together > Travel > Dos and Don’ts or click:


Pay attention to news updates and policy changes (FT>Travel & employeeRES). 

List for the cabin you really want.

Make a separate listing for your return trip (more flexibility).

List for the pass type (personal or vacation) you wish to use and comply with

     cut-off times for changing it (1 hr domestic or 2 hours international).

Bring required documents especially for international travel (passport, visas). 

Have a back-up plan if you get bumped (alternate routing or buy OA tickets).

Always re-check flight departure times and loads before going to the airport.

CANCEL your listing before departure if you are not going to travel. 

Understand many things (like flight loads) can change very quickly!

Be certain how you want to split (if your entire party cannot be accommodated).

Have a way to check loads and change routing mid-trip (mobile device or

     phone a friend). Know how to use employeeRES on mobile device!!

Stay with your baggage (same PNR if possible, and ask for a standby flag).

Be polite, ask questions if you need help; agents can (and will) assist you.

Make sure you’re aware of your place on the standby list (use gate screens, the

United App & employeeRes or ask the agent).

Request assistance when needed (wheelchair, aisle chair, infant, etc).

RELAX!!  You’re not working; be gracious to those who are!



List for vacation AND personal pass on same flight (violation).

Buy myUAdiscount tickets AND list for standby on same flight (violation).

List for flights you have no intention of flying!

Sell or barter your passes (major violation).

Wear inappropriate attire on the flight.

Expect loads to be the same the next day.

Check in late (pay attention to cut-off times at

Show up late to the gate (15 minute cut-off domestic, 30 for international).

Bring too many bags to gate (1+1 program).

6)  Play with your Enrolled Friends!

There is no minimum age requirement for Enrolled Friends.  If your current EFs are boring and unappreciative, then in December designate your two favorite grandchildren to be your EFs for 2017!  Only caveat; if they fly without you United's unaccompanied minor regulations apply to children 5-15 years old. Kids under 5 years old must be accompanied and children under two years do not require a ticket. 

If you do not have any Enrolled Friends for 2016, you can sign up your grandkids today!

Just go to Flying Together>Travel>and click on the “Update pass riders & buddies” button.

Click for complete info about Enrolled Friends (located on FT>Travel>TravelPrograms>EFs)

7) Rumor control

A recent rumor that retirees will be losing their travel benefits began when a retiree misunderstood what another retiree said. The ETC has responded with this statement:                “There are no plans on making any changes to the retiree pass travel program as published”.                        To limit the spread of panic, check with the ETC when something sounds fishy; their email is:

8) “Recent News” on Flying Together>News

Click the “Recent News” link above and scroll to the date posted to read each story in detail

03/23: UAL and China Air strengthen partnership

03/30: SFO-TLV (Tel Aviv) nonstop service takes off

04/04: 25th anniversary serving LHR; now 17 flights per day

04/05: Happy 90th Birthday…United!

04/12: Watch: “Big Metal Bird flies with flight attendants”

04/13: 26,000 pets fly without incident

04/16: IAM employees ratify all tentative agreements

04/19: Milestone in LAX’s major redesign project

04/20: Behind the scenes video of new inflight safety video

04/20: Board of Directors UPDATE from Oscar

04/22: Airport train to/from downtown DENVER starts 

04/25: Watch: ”I’m glad United is involved”….March for Babies

04/29: Now boarding: Popcorn, seasonal beer & a kids’ snack box 

05/03: In-seat power now on all domestic 777s

05/05: Exciting new routes begin: Venice,Rome,Madrid,Oslo,Stockholm

05/09: Congrats, IAD, 30 years as a hub

05/10: Celebrate Chinese culture: SFO-XIY (Xi’an) nonstop begins

05/12: Big Metal Bird goes to flight attendant training! See the video.

9)  Have you seen our RAFA website?

   Check out the Travel Benefits tab here:

  Read the Pass Travel Program Summary, helpful links & phone numbers and more.

Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                             5/14/2016

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