Pass Travel UPDATE                                           April 21, 2017


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  1. RAFA meets with Oscar Munoz
  2. Pass Travel Attire 
  3. Pass travel on Qatar ends May 5th
  4. Other Airline travel on Star Alliance; BC or Y?
  5. TSA will not accept Driver Licenses from 6 states in 2018
  6. Recent news from United
  7. RAFA website

1) RAFA meets with Oscar Munoz                                                                                    .                                                

Leaders from six retiree organizations presented Pass Travel ideas to United executives on April 12th. Our suggestions will be evaluated and we should hear the results in June; stay tuned for an update then!  Meanwhile, read RAFA’s report from Chicago:

2) Pass Travel Attire

Due to the recent “leggings event” in the news, it’s important for you and your pass riders to review the Pass Travel Attire policy before arriving at the airport.  You are ultimately responsible for your pass riders’ behavior and appearance when they are traveling under your pass travel privileges. Remember, when in doubt, dont wear it.   

Visit: FlyingTogether > Travel > Preparing for travel (in the left column) > Pass Travel attire.

Traveling on “Other Airlines”?  Dress appropriately or you may be denied boarding. Check the interline agreement on FlyingTogether > Travel > OtherAirline InterlineTravel for travel attire guidelines. The following website has dress codes for most carriers:   If you are unsure, call the airline.

3)  Pass Travel on Qatar Airways ends May 5th

From the Employee Travel Center:

Qatar Airways agreement canceled effective May 5th

Our commercial interline ticketing and baggage agreement (ITB) with Qatar Airways (QR) will cease on May 5, 2017. QR’s internal policy does not support a pass travel agreement without an active commercial ITB. Therefore, United's leisure pass travel agreement with QR will be canceled and all travel must be completed by May 5th.  If you have future travel plans on QR, you can request a refund for any unused tickets via the ID90Travel website or by calling them at 1-877-298-5233.   

Helpful information:

          Click here to view the quick reference guide (PDF document) on how to request a refund using the  ID90Travel website.

  When logging in to the ID90Travel website, use your six-digit uID without the U.

         For ID90Travel website password assistance, call 1-877-298-5233 (Toll free 24-hours).


4) Other Airline travel on Star Alliance; BC or YC?


If you buy a Business Class ZED ticket on Star Alliance partners you will receive a refund if you have to sit in Economy Class (allow at least 4 weeks for refund processing). On non-Star Alliance carriers there are no fare-difference refunds; so buy both BC and YC ZEDs and use the one for cabin that has available seats. NOTE: If you purchase a YC ZED ticket and Economy is full, you will NOT be seated in BC.  

Read this message from the ETC:

We have agreed with our Star Alliance partners to refund the difference when a C class seat is purchased but we are seated in Y. This agreement is only with our Star Alliance partners.


Other partners that we have a C class agreement with are not entitled to issue a refund on the difference. It is recommended that a C and Y class ticket is purchased and that the employee/retiree can get a refund on the ticket that is not used.

RAFA’s guide to Other Airline travel

5)  TSA will not accept Driver Licenses from 6 states in 2018

Important information from the TSA: this may apply to residents of Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington. Other states may be affected in the near future.


6) “Recent News” on Flying Together>News

Click the dark blue “Recent News” link above to see other stories. 

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7) Have you seen our RAFA website?

   Check out the Travel Benefits tab here:

  Read the Pass Travel Program Summary, helpful links, phone numbers and more.

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Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                         April 21, 2017

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