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Pass Travel UPDATE                               April 21, 2015      


 1)  Survivor Pass Travel


What happens to your pass riders when you die? Besides being very sad, they will get to keep “some” pass travel privileges for a certain amount of time. Here’s a synopsis:

Retiree’s Spouse/ Domestic Partner:  May continue to travel at priority SA2R. They are eligible to fly until remarried or a new domestic partnership is established.  Note: if an employee (who is retiree eligible) dies, their spouse travels at SA1P for the first 30 days, then at priority SA2R thereafter (until re-married or a new domestic partnership is established).

Dependent Children: Fly at SA4P until they attain age 26.

Currently Certified Parents: Fly at SA4P for three years.

Currently Registered Enrolled Friends: Fly at SA4P for 90 days.

Existing Vacation Passes may be used thru the specified travel eligibility period or the original expiration of the Vacation Pass, whichever comes first.  Survivor travel is NOT valid on United’s alliance partners, code-share partners or other airlines (OA).  Survivors may utilize the myUAdiscount leisure travel program during their eligibility period.

For complete Survivor Travel Information in pdf format:

Questions and Answers about Survivor Travel:

Read the letter from the ETC to a recent widow about Survivor Travel:

On the RAFA website in Travel Benefits>Survivor Travel:

To use survivor travel privileges, make sure your pass riders know how to contact the ETC!

2) Pass Travel Spring Newsletter from the ETC 


“The Employee Travel Center has created a spring pass travel newsletter located on the Travel tab on Flying Together.  Look for the summer edition in the near future.”

Comments from RAFA: 

You can find the Newsletter in the right column of the Travel page, scroll down to see it.

There are good tips on page 1.

Retirees can ignore info on page 2 about Buddy Travel changes because we don’t have Buddy Travel, we have Enrolled Friends. Changes to Buddy Travel do not apply to Enrolled Friends.

Page 2 also has some information about Imputed Taxes. For more details see the “Costs & IMPUTED TAXES” page in the Travel Benefits tab on our RAFA website:

Page 3 of the Newsletter has important information about pending vacation passes, tips for checking bags, and an advisory for F/As who retire (their existing Buddy Passes will now expire 30 days from retirement date). There is also information about the “enhanced” My Info section on Flying Together for registering our Pass Riders. See next article…..

3) Look!  “My Info” for Pass Rider registration is enhanced


The “My Info” system was recently integrated to provide a more user-friendly interface.

Take a look by going to “My Info” (left column of the “Employee Services” tab on Flying Together), then click on “Pass Riders” in the Travel section. Or simply click on "Update Pass Riders" on the Flying Together > Travel page.  You will be prompted to “Login with my uID”; your 6-digit file number (with a “u” in front) and password you used to log into Flying Together. 

Voila! You will see a list of your dependents and Enrolled Friends. Click the blue buttons to view info. Retirees (and employees) will be using this screen to change-or-keep EFs during Enrolled Friends Open Enrollment in December.

But is “My Info” broken? It is designed for active employees (not retirees) so many links on the page do not work for us. Most confusing is the “My Info” link under the “Personal Information” banner. If retirees click on that link a “403 Forbidden” page appears. It is not possible to update our personal information here.  Read the next article……

4) How to update retiree personal information 


Click on “Your Benefits Resources (YBR)” under the “Benefits” banner on the “My Info” main page. You will be taken to the Aon Hewitt page (be patient, it takes a moment to load). There you will see your health care and billing information. At the top of that page you can click on “Your Profile” to select and view your “Personal Information”. Some changes can be made on that page, but other changes (such as name changes) will require a call to the Employee Service Center 877-825-3729.

5) myUAdiscount tickets and Mileage Plus upgrades


One of the best features of using myUAdiscount tickets (besides the confirmed seats, 2 free bags, and 20% discount) is accruing Mileage Plus miles (if you sign up for a MP account). Once you accumulate enough miles, you may be eligible for free upgrades to economy-Plus or a premium cabin. Some pass riders have not been able to use their miles to upgrade on myUAdiscount tickets. This might be because the fare they purchased does not allow it. 

If the computer won’t let you upgrade, call United reservations and ask why. The ETC is currently working to consolidate the purchasing of myUAdiscount tickets and using MP miles to upgrade into a single process; stay tuned.

6) Recent news snippets from the United Daily

         (On Flying Together>News, click on “Recent news”)

To read these stories, click the blue United Daily link above and scroll to the dates:


           02/09: Flight Attendant new-hire classes underway, more coming

            02/19: More Latin America and Caribbean service this summer

            02/24: All stations ratify tentative agreement to keep work in-house

            02/27: 500 planes now have Wi-Fi

            03/05: United has 3 apps; retirees can use two of them...App confusion?

            03/06: United Fleet update: new airplanes are coming!

            03/11: United app and Apple’s new watch = working together

            03/25: Flight Attendant class #1501 takes flight

            04/03: United to fly 13 MLB teams this season

            04/08: Look at the latest 787 routes

            04/17: 767s to replace 757s on 4 trans-Atlantic flights

7) Have you seen our new website?

         Check out the Travel Benefits tab:


Compiled by Kirk Moore, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                            4/21/2015


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