Pass Travel UPDATE                    July 19, 2014        

1) Summer Travel Newsletter from the ETC

The Employee Travel Center has produced an informative newsletter of travel tips including helpful links & phone numbers now available on the FlyingTogether>Travel home page, or use this link to view it as a pdf:

Note: the Newsletter is in addition to the Summer Travel Tips the ETC published in June, featured in our RAFA Pass Travel UPDATE on June 2, 2014; definitely worth reading!

2) Good time to review OTHER AIRLINE TRAVEL

If United doesnt fly (or is fully-booked going) to where you want to travel, use your retiree travel benefits on Other Airlines.

There are now THREE methods for buying discount eTickets or paper tickets on Other Airlines. Which method you use depends on the carrier.

1)     eTickets on Lufthansa, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest & TAP are purchased using the MyIDTravel tool.

2)     All other eTickets are purchased using the ID90T website.

3)     Paper tickets must be requested online from United then written at a UA ticket counter.

All THREE METHODS are accessed from the OtherAirline/InterlineTravel page on Flying Together>Travel. To determine which method is used for the carrier you wish to travel on, use the drop-down box near the top of the Other Airline/Interline Travel page to Select from the Interline Agreements below. Each agreement will detail who can travel and how to purchase tickets for that carrier; read it carefully!

For a step-by-step guide to Other Airline travel, visit RAFA's newly-updated Other Airline Travel page in the left menu or click here.

Also: Torgis Travel Tips in the July RUAEA Newsletter gives step-by-step instructions for using the new MyIDTravel tool.

3) Recent news snippets from the United Daily (archive on Flying Together). Use the United Daily link above, then scroll down to the date of the article you want to view.

         6/03:  United app for iOS has been updated

         6/04:  Five most-requested Other Airlines now use e-tickets

         6/04:  United operates first flight into LHRs new Terminal 2       

         6/05:  Non-stop IAD-Madrid summer service begins

         6/13:  New service to Santiago (Chile) and Caribbean destinations

         6/24:  Winter ski flights to Jackson Hole and Mammoth announced

         6/27:  United and AFA meet with National Mediation Board in DEN

         6/30:  Winter ski flights to Steamboat Springs (HDN) in December

         7/07:  TSA enhances security at overseas stations; power on cell phones

         7/18:  25 years after Sioux City Flt 232: Capt Haynes speaks out



Kirk Moore

Chairperson, RAFA Travel Benefits Committee                                                              7/19/2014

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